Flabbergaxt Games triples
its donations to the MS Society

April 2020

As a gesture of solidarity to people affected with multiple sclerosis (MS)
and to those who are especially vulnerable during the COVID-19 global pandemic,
Flabbergaxt Games will triple its donations to the Multiple Sclerosis
Society of Canada, until June 1st.

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Flabbergaxt is multilingual!

March 2020

More people than ever will now have access to the Flabbergaxt Games
website! As of this week, the English part of our website is now online.


Flabbergaxt has a new look !

February, 2020

It’s with great pleasure that we are presenting the new look of our web site
and our Facebook pages. They have been completely redone and we are proud of the
result. We hope you will appreciate it, enjoy browsing our renewed site.


60 + stores !

November, 2019

It’s now possible to buy the game Bagou in more than 60 game stores and
bookstores in many parts of Quebec. The games will gradually appear on store
shelves starting in November. Check out our interactive map and head to your
closest retailer today.

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Official Launch

October, 2019

Bagou is officially on the market. We are undertaking steps with a large
number of game stores and bookstores in preparation for a market launch very soon.
Contact us to know more.


Delivery of Bagou to our Ulule backers

September, 2019

We are proud to announce that all the game boxes of Bagou were sent in advance
to our numerous Ulule backers from Quebec, France, Belgium and Switzerland.
Many thanks again for all your support.

Ulule campaign

Where to buy our games ?

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