Our story

The Flabbergaxt adventure began when 3 childhood friends would get together every weekend to try out new board games and write reviews on a blog.

Quickly, we found ourselves changing certain existing board games to improve our gaming experience. We took a liking to this and started to work towards creating our own board games, with no other goal than to be able to see each other more frequently.

Then one day we realized that the creation of board games also gives us an opportunity to raise funds for causes that are close to our hearts, while having fun in the process.

This is how Flabbergaxt Games was born.

Meet our team

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Phil is the group’s computer specialist. Eternal gaming afficionado and university graduate in computer science, he’s always on the ball about everything related to gaming trends. He manages all the group’s technological aspects.

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With his artistic talent, Eric is the one who gives life to the games’ characters and locations. Thanks to his knowledge of graphic arts, he’s the one who is responsible for the games’ visual appearance.

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Richard is an artist gifted in writing and communication. University graduate and skilled in languages, he is the group’s voice and pen. Just like Eric and Phil, he’s a gaming enthusiast and passionate about everything related to the entertainment industry.

And much more collaborators

Where to buy our games ?

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